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We are Ambra and Tea, life explorers, coffee lovers and adventures seekers.

A: I can remember Tea learnt sketching even before writing. She spent all the past years creating and now this is her work. She is a designer, visual storyteller, photographer and cook developer. She bakes fluffy brioches for breakfast, combs her hair into braids and always has a little black dress in her wardrobe. Above all, she is my sister.

T: Ambra is an architect, devoted to details and to product design, food stylist and cook developer. She buys fresh flower on Saturday morning, wears pink shirts and always steals something from my wardrobe – yeah, I Know you still have my dots skirt! The first thing we shared was our bedroom, then toys, dresses, coffee cups (a lot!), passions and now our work. She is the best partner in crime I ever know!


We share our daily rituals, domestic spaces and cooking experiments. The places we discover during our trips inspire us as much as the people we meet during the adventure. Our home is the place where people can come together and gathering around our table, in order to share experiences, cultures and opinions with us. Living with intention, telling stories, matching colors, collecting memories, gathering, exploring cooking art, taking photos, getting inspired all the time. Our blog is the combination of all these elements: like an anagram, we can change their order and find the way they fit perfectly with our imperfect souls.


We are sisters and there’s a timeless connection between us: we have the same origins, we grew up together and we know each other even better than ourselves.

We are women and we dare to be brave everyday, we gently struggle with disillusions and do what we love, taking the risks and trying new things.

We are human being/persons/souls and we care about ourselves. We take our time, go exploring, pay attention to details and rituals and live life trying to be kind and responsible.

One day, my sister told me: “Don’t be afraid by the change. Be the change. Be curious. Be positive. Be strong. And, above all, be yourself.”